How We Work

“Our application works great and was delivered on time and on budget.”

                                                          ~Steve Nierlich, Novo Nordisk Delivery Technologies

While off-the-shelf applications are unbeatable for many regular tasks, the aspects of your organization that give you the greatest competitive advantage typically demand unique software solutions. The practice of determining where to focus, then improving productivity by designing the right business processes and software applications, is both an art and a science.

If you miss the mark on design, a new software solution may actually exacerbate the problem, not solve it.  We follow a rigorous process ourselves to ensure success.

  1. Strategic Assessment – Through our comprehensive business assessment, we ensure that the real problem is identified and will truly be solved, not just masked by new technology.

  2. Software Design – Expert data modeling and software architecture are our specialties. Applications that are intuitive to use and can adapt to internal and external demands translate to reduced training and upgrade costs in the future.

  3. Software Development – We carry our rigorous nature into our software development projects. Software code that is clean, well documented, and leverages the latest best practices translates to smooth implementation and fast results.

We often work with our clients through the whole spectrum of services above in a single project, taking ownership of the entire software solution, from conception to implementation and application training.

However, we are also available to work in a focused capacity to supplement in-house software development teams, coordinate with other consultants, or provide expert 3rd party software analysis and recommendations.

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