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“Our application works great and was delivered on time and on budget.”

                                                ~Steve Nierlich, Novo Nordisk Delivery Technologies

Solutions & Technology

Artisan Technology employs top technology professionals and developers to ensure high-quality, well-documented solutions for our clients. Our specialties include:

  • Expert business analysis
  • Complete business systems (from sales and service to internal productivity tools)
  • Web applications
  • Service-oriented business applications delivered via the cloud or local systems and networks
  • Effective user interfaces
  • Industrial automation
  • New product development
  • Large-scale data modeling

Strategic Assessment

Our clients can often articulate their symptoms and frustrations, but the causes of their problems are not always obvious. We use a structured process for exploring the business and technology environment to uncover the causes of our clients’ most pressing problems.

At this stage we help our clients clarify their concepts and requirements and then determine how to enhance their operations without disrupting them. The “front end” of this process is a complimentary Strategic Software Consultation, which we invite you to schedule by selecting the option to the right.

Software Design

When custom software or an integrated solution is the best approach for a client, we collaborate with them to create both an appealing design and a durable technical architecture. Our designs are clear and complete enough to avoid costly surprises and rework, once development gets underway.

We believe it is critical to understand the true scope, schedule, and cost of a development project. Moreover, we design with the future in mind. While our clients generally come to us with an immediate problem, we help them anticipate the changes that will occur in their business over time and design flexibility and scalability into our solutions.

Software Development

Our engineers handle all aspects of development, from creating and validating software to purchasing and installing hardware, integrating and deploying applications, and helping our clients take maximum advantage of their new tools.

The team we have assembled is mature, articulate, and sensitive to how their work will affect our clients’ customers, employees, and infrastructure. At Artisan, we sweat the details. We use the right tools for the job, we document our work thoroughly, we deliver on time, and we stand by what we do. We don’t forget the pieces that others so often leave out, like reports, which extract value from the data, and administrative tools that help our clients easily maintain their systems. It’s what one should expect. At Artisan, we actually deliver it.

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