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“Artisan’s precise approach to capturing underlying business needs results in applications that are user friendly as well as competitively differentiated.”

                                                                         ~Johannes Hoech, Founder 8020 Group

From our perspective, software is not just a necessary tool for doing business, it should be a source of competitive advantage.  Off-the-shelf applications can handle many things in your business perfectly well.  However, to take the productivity of your team to another level, a well-designed custom application may be just what you need.

We believe the following characteristics are essential for mission critical applications to truly serve their users:

  1. Support the Whole Task:  Well-designed applications will enable your people to finish their entire jobs without resorting to a combination of spreadsheets, e-mails, paper files, and other manual processes.

  2. Reliable:  If your team cannot count on your application to be available, accurate, and secure, they will place little faith in it and quickly resort to workarounds. Only a robust application will earn the confidence of your people.
  3. Able to Last and Grow: Most organizations will update computer hardware on a regular basis – a natural opportunity for your business to take advantage of new capabilities.  Mission-critical software, on the other hand, can often remain with a company for decades.  Only a flexible design will be able to adapt to changing business needs.  You should not need to do contortions to serve the system (see characteristic #1 above).  The system should serve you.

Artisan Technology has been unraveling problems for clients and creating software solutions that transform their operations since 2004.  More importantly, our team members each bring decades of business process, software design, and development experience to every project.

We invite you to look inside a few of our projects to see what our clients have to say.

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